Guest singers
The four Norwegian singers visited Japan in '93 and '98 as members of Schola Cantorum, University of Oslo, and sang with the Nordic Choral Society of Japan in Oslo in '96 and in Tokyo in '97.
Kjell Viig
An expected choir singer, with Grex Vocalis and other noted choirs, often singing solo parts in voices ranging from countertenor, tenor, to baritone. In 2000 he sang solo with the Noreweign National Opera in Arne Nordheim's Nidaros Oratorio. Related by blood to Edvard Grieg, he has special pleasure in singing Grieg's music. Kjell has sung solo with the Nordic Choral Society of Japan several times.
Andrew Smith
Graduated in music and English literature from the University of Oslo. Organist and choirmaster at St.Edmund's Church in Oslo since '91. He works for ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival as a program consultant. Interested in composition, he has published a number of works for organ and for choir, including commissioned woks. His first visit to Japan in '93 inspired him to write the choral piece , dedicated to Shozo Ohtsuka and the Nordic Choral Society of Japan. Since his childhood he has been singing with various choirs, and has participated in a number of recordings.
Howard Gamble
Studied at the South African College of Music before continuing his studies in England and in Germany and settling in Norway. After a long teaching career, he is at present the Executive Director of the UTILMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. He has sung in boy's school choirs @in England and South Africa and later in chamber choirs in South Africa, England, Germany and Norway. Throughout the '90's he was the project-leader for and sang in Schola Cantorum and toured extensively with the choir, visiting Japan twice, in connection with the Ggrieg Centennial in '93 and with Visions of Norway in '98. Howard Gamble has received honorary awards and citations in connection with his work in fostering international cultural exchange.
Ingvild Ellingsen Gamble
Studied voice at the Institute of Musicology, the University of Oslo, and at the Royal Norwegian State Academy of Music. Since the early 80's, she has sung in several renowned chamber choirs, and toured extensively in Africa, Europe and Japan. She has participated in several recordings, including live performances for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
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